About Me/Contact

Welcome to What Amy Did! I’m Amy, I’m 27 and from Glasgow. I’m a Project Manager by day and an Award Winning book influencer by night. I’m a stereotypical bookworm with a love of podcasts, brunches, spending hours browsing cat Instagram accounts and buying too many coats – I have 22 in total, it’s a problem. I’m an avid Elizabeth Taylor fan, cappuccinos are my go-to beverage, and I enjoy cooking and baking.

I’ve been blogging on and off for the last seven years – starting from reblogging pretty pictures on Tumblr before finding my niche. What Amy Did is an award-winning blog dedicated to books, reading, lifestyle and thought-provoking opinion pieces. I was a bookworm as a child, and in the last couple of years, I’ve used reading and blogging as a creative outlet for my mental health. I took the plunge from fashion/lifestyle blogging to book-related content in September of 2017 – starting by sharing photos of the books I read on Instagram before gradually bringing reading related posts to What Amy Did in early 2018. My blog aims to share what I love to read, write about what I love, inspire other people to read and have fun with it. 

Disclaimer: At the moment, I am unable to accept ARCs in exchange for reviews but will be soon. Any external links to Amazon are affiliate links. It costs you nothing, but if you buy via my link, I’ll make a teeny amount back.

Want to work with What Amy Did? Please feel free to contact me at whatamydid@outlook.com