How I Got Back Into Creative Writing

Writing creatively has always been a huge passion of mine. Even as a child/teen, I tended to have a pen and jotter in my hand than a colouring-in book. I loved my imagination running free, creating characters and different environments in my little brain. It is something I’ve carried into adulthood – even more so over the last two years -, but I’ve always kept my work a secret and will remain to do so. I do it for pure pleasure. Maybe one day a story might materialise into a full book, but for now, it is just a hobby.

Recently, I’d been in a real writing rut. I couldn’t seem to put pen to paper or brainstorm any ideas. I had writer’s block. I found nothing inspiring, and my mind just couldn’t seem to spark any ideas which I found pretty hard. I see writing as such an enjoyable way to express myself and take my mind elsewhere. Stumped for ideas and growing more and more frustrated by the day, I managed to tackle the hurdle and thought I’d share with you the hacks I took on to help rescue me from the slump.

Writing Prompts

I came across a site called Creative Writing Now¬†that provided some great prompts to kick start my desire for writing again. There are a total of 44 ideas ranging from three topics to write about to short stories, to even shorter stories. There are also useful resources such as a free worksheet to help develop your story and also, a free e-mail eCourse. It has been a treasure trove for me, and I’ve gained so much from the site.

Open University

I had the misconception that the Open University was all paid for degrees and qualifications but the reality is, they offer free courses that are incredibly detailed and worth taking the time to do. I did this one on Starting To Write Fiction and found it was an excellent way for me to brush up on my formatting skills and approach I take to writing. It takes 12 hours to complete which of course, I needed to stagger, but overall I enjoyed it, and it is worth doing whether you are new to creative writing or done so in the past.

The Writers Digest Podcast

Alongside their exception website, The Writers Digest is has a podcast that is updated regularly. If like me, you love podcasts, then this is a great way to learn new information in another form besides reading. I am subscribed and made my way through the back catalogue, and it is a great resource to have. You can find it via the podcast app your phone has. Other great podcasts include – DIY MFA Radio, The Manuscript Academy and Ann Kroeker Writing Coach.


Just a rather quick note on Pinterest as I’m sure most writers turn here when they need inspiration, but it is such a fantastic source for creative writing resources. From prompts to diary entry ideas, alternative words, character names, ideas for settings – you name it, Pinterest has it.

Stephen King on Writing

If there is any mastermind on creative writing, it is the legendary Stephen King. It is part memoir which I enjoyed but contains terrific tips on how to get pen to paper. I have tons of post-it notes through the book and found it to be constructive. There are, of course, loads more books on writing out there but I specifically gravitated towards this thanks to Stephen’s quite rightly earned prestigious status.

This post has been short and sweet but all of the above have helped me get my ‘writing mojo’ back. I’ve managed two short stories and a few poems, but I’m getting there! I hope you enjoy this post and keep me updated on if you access any of the above. Thanks for reading as always.


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