Mid Year Reading Goals

My first blog post of every year is usually my goals for the year ahead. This year was an exception as I decided at the beginning of January to have a real social media detox. I lasted three weeks without Instagram, tweeting and Facebook. The only time I was online was to read the news or reply to messages, and it felt like complete luxury. It made me fall back in love with social media again, besides Facebook which has stayed in the bin and made me realise what kind of content I wanted to consume and create.

One of my favourite style of blog posts to reads are other people’s goals. I don’t know why but I suspect it might be down to the fact I used to be someone who set myself large goals every month and has since stopped doing so. I like to read what others want to achieve as sometimes, it can make me give me some inspiration and time to think about what I want to too. As someone who used to set myself rather large targets, I’ve slowly learned to switch up the pace and focus more on celebrating the smaller things. Instead of putting pressure on myself, I now try to set realistic goals that are attainable. When it comes to reading, my two goals for the year were to read 50 books thanks to the GoodReads annual challenge and to invest more time in my bookstagram account. Now that I’ve finally read 50 books with six months to spare, I wanted to take some time to reflect and document the rest of my reading goals for the last six months of the year.

Continue to put time into my bookstagram and blog

I’ve invested so much time into my Instagram and blog this year, and the results are paying off. Not only am I watching my audience grow and navigating social media differently to how I was before, I won Book Influencer of The Year at the 2018 Blogosphere Awards. Me winning an award? It seemed like the impossible, and when my name was announced, I pretty much felt my jaw hit the ground. It was a total shock but made all of the time and effort I dedicated online to my reading feel worth it. It has given me a new lease of life towards my space online and made me start to visualise the direction I want to take my blog in. I’ve also fallen back in love with creating content after a little bit of writer’s block. I feel like I’ve finally found my Instagram aesthetic and feel so much more creative when it comes to photography. I’ve also renewed my self-hosting platform which OUCH! Cost a¬†hell of a bit more than last year but for the joy sharing my reading journey online gives me, it is worth it. I have so many great plans for my blog and social media and can’t wait to watch it all come to life.

Read more non-fiction

I love to read real-life stories and essays, but despite knowing I love this style of writing, it is a genre I don’t reach enough for. I started the year out well – I started listening to non-fiction audiobooks, and I absolutely fell in love with audiobooks – something I didn’t ever think would happen but, they make great company for cleaning the house and long journeys. I definitely need to start picking up more non-fiction and get back into audiobooks again. I have been using iBooks, but I think it’s time I invested in an audible account as it seems to be the most popular platform plus who doesn’t want a free book per month?

Read another 30 books

In 2017, I set myself a goal to read 30 books by the end of the year. I was over the moon when I reached that goal in June of last year. I went on to read 72 books last year – a figure I didn’t think was ever achievable. For 2018, I set my Goodreads challenge at 50 books. I decided that was achievable as I managed more than that last year but didn’t want to put too much pressure on myself to outdo 2017’s figure. To my surprise, I’ve just finished my 50th book of the year, and I’m so pleased to have reached my goal with six months to spare. I’d like to read another 30 books for the remaining six months of 2018 and try to meet or beat my figure from last year but, if I don’t manage to make this, I won’t be mad at this swiftly takes me onto my next point…

Continue to have fun!

Reading is my favourite method of self-care. It has been the one tool that has helped ease my anxiety and take my mind off my mental health. This year, I’ve read more chunky books than I did last year – some over 750 pages which last year, would have totally intimated me. I’ve been having a great time this year with reading. I’ve found myself picking up more thrillers, exploring different authors and dipping my toes into different genres I wouldn’t have done before. My bookstagram account has given me the ability to speak to other like-minded people about reading, and I now find the majority of my reads through my account. I’m having so much fun creating book content, enjoy writing my blog and most of all, have fallen in love with so many different books and authors this year – and we still have six months to go! I want to continue to have fun and feel excited to share my journey.

I love reflecting midway through the year on my progress – not just online but offline too. I find it helps me look at the areas of my life that I maybe need to pay more attention to or celebrate the areas that I find make me most happy and documenting my reads is definitely something that does. I can’t wait to achieve these goals and continue to get the enjoyment out of my blog that I do right now. What are your mid-year goals? Have you set any or are you still working on the ones you set at the beginning of the year? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts below or you can tweet/IG me at @amysbookshelf. Thanks for reading!


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