My Plans For May

Well, 2018 just seems to be flying by, doesn’t it? I can’t believe we are onto the 5th month of the year already. Spring is in full swing and, despite only having a couple of sunny days in Glasgow so far, I love the lighter mornings and nights. I think we can all say that our winter was a pretty brutal one, so I’m excited for jacket weather and not having to scrape ice off my car for the foreseeable¬†future. May has already kicked off to the most positive start; our wedding planning is progressing well, my cousin welcomed a baby boy who I cannot wait to meet and, I am shortlisted for Book Influencer Of The Year for Blogosphere Magazine’s annual awards. Totally unexpected, exciting and surreal. I’m hoping positivity keeps coming my way during May. I love reading monthly goal posts and what other people have planned so here is what I’m aiming to have in store for the rest of the month.

Listen to more audiobooks

My dad loves audiobooks, but anytime he would try to get me onboard with them, I’d roll my eyes and say they just weren’t my cup of tea – even though I’d never given them a try. Back in January, I decided to give one a listen and completely fell in love with them. One of my reading goals for this year was to read more non-fiction, and I find audiobooks the perfect way to build that aim into my reading schedule. So far, I’ve ticked off Oprah, Jon Ronson and Carrie Fisher’s books and I’m now on the hunt for some great, real life, memoir-style listens. If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

Continue To Write

Back in February/Early March, I began to fall back in love with writing – both via my blog and creatively in private. If I didn’t have my nose in a book, I was sharing what I was reading online and started to stack up some future blog posts in my drafts. Unfortunately, I suffered a massive health setback in March and April that meant everything was pretty much put on hold. I spent the majority of April recuperating and started writing again in the last two weeks of April and god -I can’t believe how much I missed it! I hold my hands up and admit that I’m not the best writer in the world. I praise the Lord for spell checkers and Grammarly to keep me in check but, it’s something I get so much contentment from that I don’t let it stop me. I’ve got lots of blog posts planned for the next few weeks which brings me nicely onto my next activity…

Be active online during Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health is a subject close to my heart and last year, I published my most daunting, yet most read blog post – my own experience with mental health. Since then, my mental health has evolved, I have a formal diagnosis, and I’m going from strength to strength mentally. Being diagnosed has given me a sense of relief, closure and allowed me to educate myself on how to look after myself better. Mental Health Awareness Week takes place between the 14th-20th of May with a focus on stress this year. I’m planning on being very active on social media to retweet and share as many posts as possible to spread awareness, publish a couple of blog posts centred around mental health and generally try to push the message out there that it’s ok not to be ok. If you would like to find out more about MHAW and this years focus on stress, you can find valuable information here.

Make some summer travel plans

This summer already involves a trip down to London for the Blogosphere Awards ceremony, seeing The Rolling Stones in Edinburgh, a day ticket to TRNSMT festival to swoon over the Arctic Monkeys and then seeing Queen Britney Spears in the flesh in August. But, I want to book a little break away with some guaranteed sunshine. As we get married in June 2019, we’re not going to book anything too fancy. I’ve been looking at some weekend breaks and quite fancy visiting either Lisbon or Madrid. Ideally, it would be great to book a week away somewhere but, I’ll settle for a Friday to Monday, short and sweet trip to anywhere that will be warm.

May has been so good to me already that I’m hoping all this positivity sets the tone for the next 25 days. From getting back into writing, smashing my reading goal for 2018 and being shortlisted for an award – it’s already been a fantastic start to the month. I’d love for you to vote for me in the Blogosphere Magazine Awards Book Influencer of The Year category and would be so grateful for your support. I don’t expect to win as I’m pretty new to sharing book content, but to be recognised has given me a new lease of life towards my corner of the internet. You can vote for me here, and voting closes on the 15th of May. What are your plans for the rest of the month? Do you have anything exciting on the cards? As always, I love to hear from you via the comments section below, or you can tweet me at @amysbookshelf_ or find me on Instagram at @amysbookshelf. Thank you so much for reading.