Friday Favourites #1

Oh hey new header, the return of my good old URL and not just a brand spanking new post but a new weekly feature (insert sassy gal emoji). I don’t want to jinx or tempt fate but I think I *might* have my blogging mojo back. It’s only been a few months but I’m feeling so inspired by everything right now. Life lately has been rocky AF but I’m now in a more positive place and my mind is littered full of blog post ideas, new features I want to introduce and I’m so determined to resurrect my corner of the internet back to life. Exciting times. Writing my most recent post all about not letting my anxiety take my hobby away from me was super liberating and felt like a giant, ahem, fuck you to not letting my mental health rob me of something that brings me so much enjoyment. Maybe it was creating that fresh start that has motivated me to blog or perhaps it’s the shift into autumn but whatever the reason is, just like Beyonce, I’m feelin’ myself and I want to introduce my first new weekly addition to my blog – my Friday Favourites! I love reading favourite posts but I want to switch the favourites I share up. I want to talk about what I’ve been watching, reading, any products I’ve loved, articles I’ve read, spread some blogger love .. basically just share whatever I’ve been enjoying in the past week. I’d love to hear your feedback on this feature but it’s something I’m excited to see take shape. So without further ado, let me kick it off ..

This week I’ve been reading .. 

On Sunday, I started probably the most anticipated book of this year for me – Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng. This book has been alllll over Instagram and raved about by so many book bloggers who’s opinions on books I trust so I couldn’t wait to start it. The story takes place in Shaker Heights, Ohio and starts off with the Richardson family, their home currently on fire, presumed to be set by their teenage daughter. The book then progresses to tell the story of the events leading up to the fire, focusing on the Richardson’s, their neighbours – single mum Mia and her daughter Pearl and a court case that divides the town that affects the characters lives. I’m only around 20% through it but I’m loving the character development, Celeste’s style of writing and I’m so excited to see how this one pans out. For anyone interested in reading this, it’s currently £6.99 down from £14.99 on the Kindle Store – gotta grab that bargain!

I also loved this article by Bustle on Celebrating Halloween With A Mental Illness And How To Cope With Triggering. It was thought provoking and made me take a step back and realise just how difficult this holiday can be for some people, something I was oblivious to before. It made for an interesting read and has changed my perspective on Halloween. It also included some very insightful, helpful tips on how to support family  and friends who don’t enjoy halloween due to any mental illness they may have. It’s worth a read and I’m loving most of the articles Bustle are producing right now.

This week I’ve been watching .. 

I thought by the time I hit 26, I’d of ditched reality TV for more ‘constructive’ shows but god, they are my guilty pleasure. Right now I’m hooked on Siesta Key, a new show on MTV from the makers of Laguna Beach. I was a huuuuge Laguna Beach fan and although this show doesn’t come close to watching the dramas of LC and co, it follows a very similar format and I’m hooked. There are only 10 episodes in Season 1 *sobs* but MTV have commissioned more and I AM SO EXCITED. If you’re looking for a new guilty pleasure, look no further ..

This week I’ve been listening to ..

My podcasts subscriptions have been growing a little stale but I recently discovered one that I’m loving at the moment by Sheer Luxe. This isn’t a new podcast but in true Amy fashion, I’m around 2 years late at finding things out. This podcast always has a good mixture of lifestyle, girl chat and fashion/beauty and I’ve been looking forward to the new episodes every week. I’m planning to do an updated favourite podcast post since they’ve totally changed since my last one but I’m always looking for recommendations so if you have any, please hook a girl up!

Music wise, there have been two artists I’ve been listening to on repeat. First up, the legendary Kate Bush. I go through phases of listening to Kate’s music but lately, I’ve reignited my love for her songs. She is definitely an acquired taste for sure but her voice is incredible and it’s crazy to think that some of her most iconic songs, notably Wuthering Heights aka my FAVE, was written by her at age 15. FIFTEEN. So much talent and I would sell a kidney to see her live .. not even joking. Next up, I’ve been listening to lots from a band called Nothing But Thieves. They formed in 2013 in Southend-On Sea and I’m kicking myself for not coming across them sooner. The vocalist has such an incredible voice and their songs are just so well constructed. My two faves are Sorry and Itch.

Product Love To .. 

I’m back on the sheet mask bandwagon again and have seriously noticed a huge difference in my skin as of late. I’ve grown up with oily/combination skin for most of my life but in the last few months, it’s completely changed and feels more normal to dry. Instead of switching out my trusty cleanser which prevents break outs, I’ve been upping my moisturising game and using sheet masks on a weekly basis. Right now I’m loving the Garnier Moisture Bomb that has been raved about for good reason in the blogging world. It leaves my skin feeling so clean, super soft and makes my makeup go on much more smoothly.

Youtube/Blog Love ..

Since I’ve got my blog mojo back, I’ve been reading blogs non stop and been so impressed with all the content that is all up in the blogging world right now. Some posts I’ve loved this week are Sophie Milner’s post on Calling Bullshit On Growing Up Being A Bad Thing, Hello Glow’s 5 Simple Ways To Practise Creative Mindfulness and Makeup Savvy’s 23 Autumnal Blog Prop Ideas.

A new Youtube discovery that again, I’m 1000% late to is Jenn Im at Clothes Encounters. With 2 million subscribers, she’s obviously smashing it out of the park but I only discovered her videos last weekend and I literally binge watched around 12 in one sitting. Her channel is a mixture of vlogs, lifestyle, makeup, fashion and travel – basically all the variety I look for when subscribing to a channel. I’m sure you have seen her on Youtube but if not and you’re looking for someone new to subscribe to, I highly recommend her!

So that’s everything I’ve been loving this last week! I feel like this post is super long (hello almost 1200+ words) but I love reading these style of posts and as someone who consumes so much media each week, I wanted to make this a regular feature on the blog. What do you think? Do you enjoy these style of posts? I’d love to know what you think, what you’ve been loving and any recommendations you have in the comments below or as always, you can tweet/IG me at @whatamydid. Thanks for reading!