Review: Bondi Sands Self Tan Eraser

Is this real life? Is this just fantasy? I’ve have been praying to the gods for what seems like forever for something like this to come along. Meet Bondi Sands new product, the Self Tan Eraser. As someone who is an avid fake tanner but a self-confessed lazy mare when it comes to all the prep and TLC before and after using tanning products, this instantly went straight in my basket. Exfoliating hurts my soul. No seriously, it really does. I always put it off until my skin basically resembles a loaf of tiger bread. I’ve tried every scrub under the sun but for me, it’s still a 48-hour operation with Soap And Glory Pulp Friction and a kitchen sponge – sorry skin. So I had high hopes for this white bottle of what seemed like too good to be true promises. My results surprised me and of course, I just had to document it. So what’s the deal with this; is it really all that?

The Self Tan Eraser claims to remove tan in just 5 minutes without any nasty chemicals or exfoliation while promising to leave your skin silky smooth. Then you pop in the shower, use a wet cloth to wipe away and for more stubborn areas, ahem those pesky elbows and knees where tan just LOVES to cling to, you should use an exfoliating mitt. First off, the foam is quite thick and it’s very, very weird applying a mousse onto your body while it’s dry. It had a little more chemical like fake tan scent to it but it wasn’t massively overpowering. I assumed I’d have to stand about in the buff until the 5 minutes were up but the mousse speedily dried very quickly, leaving my skin feeling sticky but it didn’t really bother me, it just felt like I’d slavered my whole body in Nivea’s Post Shave Balm with how tacky my skin felt. The 5 minutes flew past so I jumped into the shower, armed with my exfoliating glove because my skin is stubborn AF so I was fully prepared. Now for the results …

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! I used the exfoliating glove and just a standard shower gel and it took all that horrible, patchy, garden fence coloured tan off. I did have to pay special attention to my elbows and knees as suspected but I’m seriously blown away. My normal two day mission to get back to my milk bottle self has now been condensed down to just 10 minutes. No more ferocious scrubbing and my skin felt so, so smooth afterward. I like my water hot so I resembled a lobster whilst in the water but once I got dried and my skin cooled down, I was seriously gobsmacked at how well this worked. I had my reservations, thinking it really was too good to be true but now I’m like THANK YOU, GOD! This is the ultimate game changer and is 100% going to be a permanent fixture in my fake tanning routine. At £14.99, the price point is identical to the rest of Bondi Sands range but I’m truly am head over heels. 

Have you tried the Bondi Sands Tan Eraser or been eyeing it up? Did you have your reservations on if it would really work? I’d love to know what you think about this product and the difference between the before and afters. You can comment below or as always, reach out to me on my Twitter and Instagram @whatamydid! Thanks for reading.