My Current Favourite Podcasts

I’m a little late to the party but I’m well and truly a podcast convert. I’ve always been a ‘skip the talking and get the tunes on’ kind of radio listener so, for that reason, podcasts have never appealed to me up until recently. Now I preach about my favourites to anyone who will listen – my poor loved ones are probably sick of the amount of times I’ve said “I was listening to this podcast and..” – it’s been a helluva lot. Now, I couldn’t really imagine not listening to them. I’ve found that even when cleaning, driving and working out, rather than curate a playlist of my favourite songs, I’m instead reaching for my podcast app that it was about time I finally shared which ones I am loving right now. Even condensing this down to just five was a major struggle but I didn’t want to overload y’all.


Hands down, my favourite podcast and the one I get excited for week in, week out. I’m a big fan of Amber Rose so when I stumbled across her podcast, I knew it would win me over. Loveline is presented by Amber and Dr. Chris Donaghue, a certified sex and relationship therapist, where they discuss everything from sexual curiosity, self-empowerment and take calls from listeners to answer any questions they may have on just about anything relationship related. What I love most about Loveline is that it talks about sex in a very open, direct and positive way – it is a part of life after all. But despite the topics that come up, it’s all done very tastefully. It’s never smutty, the advice given to callers is very valuable and it is pretty funny from time to time. I know this one won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I personally love it!


I just love this podcast and I don’t see a day when this won’t be in my Top 5. This podcast is presented by Lauryn and Michael, a couple, who talk about a range of different lifestyle topics – all of which are really engaging. I like the diversity of this podcast and I’ve learned so much from listening to Lauryn and Michael. I think they are very relatable and you can tell just how much time and effort they pour into their podcast. Not only is it easy to listen to but they’re very down to earth and you can tell they have done their research on each and every topic covered. They always have great guests, real stories and give some great little gems of advice. A must listen for anyone with an interest in general lifestyle topics and business too.


The Minimalists, Josh, and Ryan, who preach about how to live life to the fullest with less, is one of the first podcasts I ever subscribed to and one that has given me a new perspective on life. Josh and Ryan both had it all – at age 30 they had six-figure salaries, luxury cars, lavish homes until they realized that money didn’t bring them happiness. Despite having lots of stuff, they didn’t feel fulfilled and instead, believed this made them depressed, anxious and overwhelmed with their lives. They decided to follow the principals of minimalism – a concept of living with less and living more intentionally, quit their jobs and have since been spreading the word on how much of a positive impact minimalism can have on your life. The podcast really inspires me to look beyond material possessions and although I know I could never be a fully fledged minimalist, I now buy things more intentionally and enjoy listening to their perils of wisdom about simplifying your life. Even if you’re not for minimalism, I still think we could all take some lessons from Josh and Ryan and apply some of their principals to our lives.


Chris D’Elia is one of my favourite comedians but I’ve found that he’s either loved or hated when I speak about him to other people. I always look forward to Tuesdays for an hour of life musings by him as his sense of humor and observations on life, never fail to make me laugh. Whenever I’m having a bad day, I always stick this on and know I’m guaranteed to be cheered up. His humor won’t be for everyone but I’ve been a fan of his for a few years now and so glad he’s branched into the world of podcasts. 


A relatively newly launched podcast, this follows two of my favourite bloggers, Lily and Anna into the homes of well-respected individuals from the fashion and beauty industry. It’s such an engaging podcast and I love the questions that are asked, finding out more about their careers and just how well the conversations generally flow. It’s informative, relaxing and I look forward to the guests each week. My only criticism is that it’s only a half hour long (boo!) but it’s well worth a listen, especially if you’re a big lover of fashion and beauty. 

Only picking 5 podcasts was incredibly tricky but I feel these are the ones I get excited for each week and either leave me in stitches, empower me or that I learn the most from. Other podcasts I’m loving are Tony Robbins, Regular Girls and The Receipts  – all worthy of a listen! Do you listen to any of these podcasts? What podcasts do you love? I’m always on the hunt for new ones to listen to so I’d love to hear your recommendations below or you can tweet/IG me at @whatamydid. Thanks for reading x