It’s the time of year that all lushies live for – Halloween and Christmas. With the return of the much loved iconic snow fairy, spooky bath melts and festive bath bombs, it really is the most magical time of the year for a lushie. I’ve only been converted from an “I hate that shop, the smells enough to give me a headache” to an “OMG this place is bath heaven!!” in the last 2 years. I was recommended Mask of Magniminty by a friend of mine when my skin was hellish. I went in store to pick it up and was surprised at the amount of skincare they had and blown away by their customer service. No matter what store you go to, you’re always met by a friendly face, enthusiastic about their products while being super accommodating and knowledgable. Since that day, I’ve been a happy, loyal customer. I recently had a little lush haul and thought I would share my thoughts on these.

Meet Boo, the bath melt, who is one of Lush’s halloween features this year. Ghosts are meant to be look frightening and scare you but this little guy is adorable and makes you feel relaxed. With cocoa butter, mimosa and ginger, this truly makes for a seriously relaxing bath. I popped it in the bath before i ran the tap and it produced bubbles that weren’t too over the top. You could tell after sitting in the bath for just a minute how nourishing this was going to be. The water felt so rich and I could honestly have spent all night there. Afterwards, my skin felt so moisturised, well hydrated and extremely soft to the point of my going “touch my arm, feel how soft my arm is” to my OH. My only gripe about this product is the ginger scent. It’s very, very subtle almost to the point if I didn’t know it was there, I probably wouldn’t have noticed it’s presence. I’m obsessed with everything ginger scented so perhaps my expectations were a little too high. For £3.50, it’s worth every penny and I want to pick up some more before they say bye to stores until next year.

It’s that time of year I long for – Snow Fairy time. I’m more of a bath than shower kinda gal but I have to say, hands down this is my favourite shower gel of all time. Bold statement but when I have a sniff of the pink goodness that lies under that black cap, I fall in love with it again. Scents of candy floss, sweets and bubblegum paired with the pink colouring and glitter within it, it’s a girly girls dream. A little goes a long way and I can normally make a bottle of this last me a good amount of time. The only slight downside for me is that sometimes, it can be a little drying, especially around my elbows, knees and heels but fear not .. this next product solves that Snow Fairy problem.

Oh my days, the gods of Lush certainly delivered with this little beauty. Yep, you read it right, a Snow Fairy body moisturiser. It’s sadly sold out online when I added the link for this post but if you can track it down in store, I highly recommend picking this up if you’re a Snow Fairy fan. It contains cocoa and avocado butter to truly nourish your skin and doesn’t leave any residue on your skin. You can use before or after the shower – I personally prefer after as I like to prolong the Snow Fairy scent. Unlike it’s sister shower gel, it’s not as strong and is much more mildly scented which for me, is ideal as I hate overpowering scents in a body moisturiser. Lush seriously got this one right. It’s easy to see why it’s sold out – perfect smell, same pink shade and rich, what more could you want as a SF fan?

Last but not least is the Milky Bar Bubble Bar. I’ve got admit, this is probably my favourite bath product by Lush. Although I love trying their products, I feel some of the bubble bars are just too strong scent wise for my liking – The Comforter, i’m looking at you. This is now vegan after Lush switched from milk to soy milk. Containing this new change, it also includes orange oil and the gorgeous glitter bottle top contains cocoa butter for an extra added bit of moisture. I’ve got to admit, this is the second one I’ve had of this and I love it. It gets just the right amount of bubbles, a tiny subtle scent and leaves your skin feeling fresh and soft. It’s ideal for any newbie lushies who are perhaps scared to try anything with too much colour or want to try out what a bubble bar is like before finding a scent for you. It’s £3.75 but I normally get around 3 baths from this and it’s the one product I hope Lush don’t discontinue because it really is a little gem amongst all the bigger, brighter and bold choices Lush have for selection.

Have you tried any of these products? What do you love to get from Lush? As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and recommendations below or you can tweet/IG me on @whatamydidblog. Thanks for reading!