If someone were to tell me a couple of years ago that I could give myself cheekbones and make my nose smaller, I would have said yes right away before asking “how is this possible?” and assume it would all be down to a surgeons work. Contouring is something I love but am I good at it? Hell no. I have zero patience so when I see videos on Instagram of girls doodling different shapes on their face and ‘blend, blend, blending’ away, I used to get really envious – mainly because when I tried contouring, I looked like I’d dabbed compost onto my cheeks. I’ve bought loads of contouring products and watched countless videos on how to master the technique and now, thankfully after 1000 hours of youtube tutorial viewing, think I’m actually getting there.

When NYX launched in the UK, to say I was excited would be a massive understatement. My old job used to take me to the states frequently and not getting my Ulta/Target fix after I left was what I missed most about the job. One of the products that launched that I really wanted to get my hands on was the NYX Wonder Stick, a one stop cream contouring tool with a light shade for highlighting and a deeper shade to carve out those cheekbones.

I went for the shade Deep which if I recall is the 3rd shade in. I applied my makeup and used this and I have to say, hands down, it’s the easiest contouring product i’ve used. Once you know the right areas to apply this on, it’s really easy and foolproof. The first few weeks using this, I used a buffing brush to blend it out but I’ve since learned that a damp beautyblender is a dream come true with this product and is definitely the best way to ensure a flawless finish. Another plus with this product is you can control the intensity of the look by applying as much or as minimal of the product as you like. I wouldn’t say I’m a contour guru just yet but I have had people compliment it which has made all the attempts I’ve ended up washing off over the last few months feel worth it.

The only downside to this product for me is the light shade. I feel like it’s quite chalky and really yellow toned. I use a foundation with a yellow undertone but way too bright and yellow in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, you might read this and think ‘but it’s supposed to be bright’ but I’ve noticed in photographs with flash, it looks like I’m having a contour catastrophe. I’ve since ended up ditching the light shade and instead using the Maybeline Under Eye Eraser Concealer as a substitute to use along side the contour side of the stick and they compliment each other much better.

Overall, I do love this product and it’s made contouring much more simple. I know many people use concealer sticks and this really is what this is but the darker shade for contouring is perfect and I love that you can make your contour as subtle or dramatic as you want. As much as I was disappointed with the lighter shade, this might be down to my foundation and might suit other skin tones but for me, I just wasn’t a fan but the contour side more than made up for it.

Have you tried this product? If so, what did you think? What products do you love to use to contour? I’d love to hear your thoughts below or you can tweet/instagram me @whatamydidblog